Ms. Mundy's Classroom

Resources for Presenting Research

There are many ways to present research once it is complete.  Not only will we work together at some point this year to create a developed research paper, but periodically you will be responsible for presenting researched information in alternate ways as well.  The links below are listed to help you determine some possible ways to present your information to your audience.


Glogster is a site that allows you to create interactive posters.  You can include graphs, images, texts and videos.  This is great for short presentations, or to supplement other forms of presentation.

Go Animate

GoAnimate allows you to create your own cartoons, which can be a fun and interactive way of sharing information.


Have you ever wanted to create your own comic strip?  This site allows you to do just this in an easy to follow interactive format.


Weebly was the host site used to create this very website.  It's easy to use, and extremely user friendly.  All you have to do after signing up is literally drag and drop the layout that you want.